Desalination of water


RWM helps desalination plants comply with new World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for drinking water which are usually ratified by governments around the globe. These guidelines prescribe adding calcium and magnesium as a supplement to desalinated water in order to stabilize the water and counter the negative effects on human and plant health resulting from the lack of these vital nutrients in desalinated water. RWM patented system produces a wide range of desalinated water chemical specifications to suit different consumer requirements. RWM will install a complete post-treatment package or an add-on section to already operational post-treatment systems in existing desalination plants.


RWM’s systems present the most cost-effective method (to date) for the re-mineralization of desalinated water. The systems provide chemical and biological water stability by supplying both calcium and magnesium ions to the desalinated water through ion exchange technology.; Proven record of commercial use

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