Desalination and water treatment plant


UET products are based on a mathematical algorithm in the field of chemical engineering for the production of a process unit composed of a green reactor and settler (Green Machine). The calculated amount of scale corrosion products and bio life are being produced in the UET’s reactor and settled in the UET’s settler. The driving force for the reactor is partial electrolysis of the water. The process unit is tailored to specifications manufactured and delivered to the customer including the highest level of engineering and technical support. UET’s technology is a complete techno-economic substitute for existing technologies including chemical additives acids flocculants water improvement systems such as softeners reverse .osmosis (RO) systems etc Due to sustainable unique advantages UET can provide genuine Total Water Management which can allow factories to work with zero discharge. UET is providing those solutions to cooling towers Reverse Osmosis pre-treatment Hot water Fe removal closed cold and hot water systems and process water systems.


1. Recycling RO reject as make up to cooling towers instead of drinking water 2. Reducing the blow down from the cooling systems up to ”zero discharge 3. Pre treating RO systems without using softeners 4. Reducing the costs of RO water by 25 5. Removing Fe and Mn without using aeration ponds 6. Improving desalination processes; Proven record of commercial use

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