Desalination and water treatment


WaterMatic is a comprehensive center for Water and Waste-Water Treatment projects WaterMatic’s Design - Manufacture - Construction (DMC) method of water treatment projects also includes a feasibility study consultation and maintenance. WaterMatic manufactures and supplies Containerized Plug and Play Reverse Osmosis systems for brackish and sea water. Membrane Systems –Provide the best solutions with sustainable environmental considerations. WaterMatic combine different membrane technologies such as Micro Ultra and Nano filtration membranes in its RO system. Ion Exchange Systems – Ion Exchange technology systems provide the optimal solution for water softening nitrate exclusion and heavy metal ion exclusion. Filtration Systems – WaterMatic provides filtration systems for different applications for removal of course particles or fine particles with Deep Media Filtration. Electro-Deionization – WaterMatic produces and markets EDI systems combining components from the most advanced producers in this field. Dosing and Bleeding Systems – WaterMatic Dosing and Bleeding systems are well known for their state-of-the-art technology. Disinfection Systems –WaterMatic manufactures and markets its disinfection systems for several applications operating with accurate control over the process by using WaterMatic’s Control Systems.


1. High level of efficiency and cost effective 2. State-of-the-art technology; Proven record of commercial use

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