Desalination and industrial water treatment


GES Global Environmental Solutions is a recognized leader in the development and implementation of cutting-edge water treatment. The Company has exclusive experience expertise and human capital; GES has proved itself in dozens of projects both in Israel and worldwide in recent decades. In addition the GES chemicals division offers a wide basket of off-the-shelf products based on the ingenuity of international companies. GES has provided clean water to thousands of satisfied customers in Israel and abroad for many years. GES provides solutions that are economically viable and meet all standards on any scale and of any kind according to the customer’s requirements. It offers maximum availability cutting-edge technology and incomparable quality. GES does the following activities: In-house planning and production of the facility Skilled start-up teams Experienced operating and maintenance teams Advanced laboratory services Financial solutions using Turn-Key/BOT/Water Outsourcing methods


GES is able to customize clients’ solution that take into account both technology and environment as well as regulatory and financial constraints. GES allows you to choose the place the time and the scale as well as the cost and manner of financing.; Proven record of commercial use

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