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Dehydrogenation of Neat Formic Acid to Hydrogen: Potential Use in Fuel Cell

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Market Opportunity Ongoing research for sustainable energy solutions to alleviate petrochemical dependence includes harnessing solar energy or the natural hydrogen resources and turning them into fuel. There is however a disabling problem with large-scale utilization of hydrogen as a fuel since it is a gas under ambient conditions thus limiting its volume-energy density. Formic acid (FA) is a hydrogen carrier owing to its ability to release hydrogen under mild conditions with only CO2 as a by-product which can then be recycled in principle to give a carbon-neutral fuel cycle. USC Solution To date many efficient homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts for FA dehydrogenation have been developed. Still no known system is stable and reactive through multiple uses is both air and water tolerant selective against CO formation and functions in neat formic acid liquid. Each of these is critical to achieving a usable hydrogen generation system based on formic acid. Our USC researcher has developed a novel iridium-based catalytic system that meets all of these criteria. Stage of Development •Available for exclusive and non-exclusive license Intellectual Property Status: PCT Filed

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