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Data Analysis and process control for water management

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Umetrics develops software for design of experiments and multivariate data analysis for the individual user as well as for on-line continuous and batch processes. We are committed to supporting our clients in their mission to take control over their data flow by conveying our .advanced expertise in multivariate technology. SIMCA has been the standard tool for scientists product developers engineers and others who have huge datasets to cope with major pharmaceutical companies are using Umetrics quality system for software development and validation. Proper analysis of such complex data requires specialist tools to handle the various sources of data in a coherent way. By definition Umetrics methods also contains a real-time component and so the analysis tool must support process monitoring applications for real-time quality monitoring and control. Umetrics has teamed up with a range of partners in areas beyond our core technical strengths to provide a comprehensive PAT analysis and monitoring solution that is sensitive to the specific needs of pharmaceutical chemical power water solar food and semiconductor manufacturing.


1. Improve water security and water quality 2. Online real time process monitoring 3. Save cost and monitor power grid units to improve efficiency and service the units at the right time; Proven record of commercial use

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