Dalifant- a wind energy solution on a wooden tower

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InnoVentum gives power to the people – by providing carbon neutral wind energy solutions to individuals and businesses that want to generate clean energy with a beautiful and silent wind turbine. To offer products with the lowest possible carbon impact and superior perfor­mance, InnoVentum makes towers of wood instead of steel. Our unique wooden tower designs are bound to turn heads in our customers’ gardens. Renewable energy generated by lowest carbon impact equipment clears your conscience and makes your sleep easy and trouble free ­ without having to worry about your carbon footprint or electricity supply. The Dalifant has three independent braking systems ensuring that the rotor blades always rotate under full control – regardless of wind conditions. Dalifant’s unique technology and design are tested, certified and validated through a great number of installations in Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Italy and the United States. Furthermore, Dalifant is incredibly quiet due to oversized rotor and low rotation speed. And, of course, with Dalifant you can become self-sufficient covering your electricity needs and significantly reduce your overall energy costs - while making an invaluable contribution to the environment!


The Dalifant design life is 25 years and its structure will survive wind gusts of up to 60 m/s. The components that constitute the Dalifant are delivered with minimum 5 year warranty.




Silent operation: the timber used for the Dalifant tower effectively reduces noise & vibration.


The Dalifant wooden structure saves 12 tons of carbon dioxide emissions compared to a conventional steel tower that requires vast amounts of energy for manufacturing.

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