Dali - a small wind and hybrid wind-solar solution on a modular wooden tower

Opportunities enabled

Core Invention: the 12m wooden tower

The first InnoVentum wooden tower was created in 2011 as a result of a collaborative university competition between Lund University in Sweden and ENSTIB in France. The first prototype was installed in the same year. 

Patent, design and trademark protection: Dali

The resulting invention has been design-, and patent-protected with designs & patents granted now in several countries in Europe and Asia. The design of the tower was reminiscent of the elements on the Salvador Dali paintings and the tower received the name “Dali”. Feel free to search online for the “The Temptation of St. Anthony” painting by Dali to see the likeness (the painting is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in marketing material). InnoVentum was able to secure the Dali trademark in Sweden and other countries of Europe.

What are the advantages of the Dali XII Wooden Tower?

  • Modular design of the tower for ease of transportation and storage- Packing volume of the 12 m tower : 2 m3
  • Quiet operation thanks to fibres in wood and modular, multi-leg design of the tower- The wood absorbs noise and vibration
  • Tower erection without a crane thanks to patented functional design of the Dali tower- The tower can be installed with help of winches and ropes at any remote location
  • Easy to install and move thanks to screw foundations- (the tower can also be installed with a concrete or steel rod foundation)

Advantages of the Hybrid Solution

Wind and solar power harvesting technologies are highly complementary (day – night, summer – winter) providing green energy day and night, all year round. The Dali PowerTower hybrid system gives you a unique combination of functionality and beauty – while eliminating the risk of punctuated roof – a common consequence of roof-mounted PV panels.

Organisation providing the technology
InnoVentum AB
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