Bike-sharing ideally complements private and public means of transportation on short distances. It unburdens the traffic in the city centres and improves the attractiveness of public transportation. Over the past few years, bike-sharing has become increasingly popular all around the globe.

Cyclopolis bikeshare Systems is a bike sharing initiative from Greece. The bikes are manufactured in Greece, tailored to user needs and accompanied by integrated consulting services that ensure their success. They are designed to be safe and prevent theft and vandalism. 

Cyclopolis Stations have a touch screen, they are solar powered and adapt to the environment, embellishing your city. In a Cyclopolis Station the user can: register, authenticate and use the system, receive information for both thesSystem (place of stations, availability of bicycles, users guide) and more general (eg weather forecast, touristic attractions etc.)

Cyclopolis Bikes are specially designed for bike sharing systems - are durable, have special anti-theft and anti-vandalism design, adapt to each rider, are easily recognisable, bear surfaces for carrying your advertising or any other message

Cyclopolis Software is the System’s “brain”. It provides, indicatively, the following services: registration and information of users (users directions - availability of bicycles, map of Stations – pricing policy) information for the Administrator for the operation of Stations, alerts, Administrative reports on the operation of all elements of the System for its inspection and optimisation"

The subscription rates

• One year €29 (includes €3,00 increment at your cyclo wallet for rides)

• One month €5 (includes €2,00 increment at your cyclo wallet for rides)

• One week €3 (includes €1,00 increment at your cyclo wallet for rides)

• Two days €1.5 (includes €1,00 increment at your cyclo wallet for rides)

• One day €1 (includes €1,00 increment at your cyclo wallet for rides)

• Daily Unlimited €3 (Rides are not billed!)

Bicycling is a zero carbon mode and it can provide health benefits to the riders. Besides, it can reduce congestion and improve access of people to public transportation.


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