Crisis management systems for mid-sized utilities

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RealiteQ offers Scalable systems that are sold as a complete package solution for mid-large utilities or a cloud service for the smaller ones. Real Time Data Continuous Historian Alarm Handling Visualization and Real Time Remote Operation are included in all scales. Data Producers: Customers may purchase Producer Gateways from RealiteQ’s official distributors /integrators or use an Embedded solution if ordered as an optional feature with selected sensors analyzers/controller. Data Consumers: Free browsing option RealiView (our low cost web enabled SCADA/HMI) or our full range of interfacing scripts and other software tools (for connecting 3rd party solutions) are available COMP: (Central Online Management Portal) Available as a “cloud service” or as a full Service Center installed at the utility IT center.


RealiteQ gathers (in Real Time ) Critical Information from Remote Sensors Analyzers and Controllers takes care of Alerts and Alarms Notification provides historical Data and opens a reliable reaction channel.; Proven record of commercial use

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