CR Dhan 310 Rice Variety

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The  CR Dhan 310 rice variety, a high protein rice variety, was developed through introgression of high protein content in a popular high yielding variety 'Naveen' and released by CVRC (Central Varietal Release Committee ) as the first high protein rice variety in the country with an average grain yield of 4.5 t/ha and protein content of 10.2%. The variety is suitable for irrigated ecosystem in both wet and dry season.This variety is suitable for the Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh areas in India.

Problem addressed: Rice is grown under varying eco-systems on a range of soils under varying climatic and hydrological conditions ranging from waterlogged and poorly drained to well drained situations. Rice is grown in different ecologies from irrigated to upland, rain-fed lowland, deep water and very deep or tidal wetland ecologies.

Potential improvement : For these reasons it is necessary to develop different rice varieties that can adapt to area-specific soil/climatic conditions, ensuring the improvement of the productivity.

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Source: ICAR -National Rice Reserach Institute website

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