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Conversion of Carbon Dioxide (g) to Carbon (s) and Oxygen (g)

University of Missouri Office of Technology Management & Industry Relations Non-Confidential Abstract of Invention UM Disclosure No. 11UMC048 Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon and Oxygen Existing chemical technology has been able to convert carbon dioxide to carbon and carbon monoxide (Sabatier reaction). Other reactions include the addition of reagents without simply producing carbon (s) and oxygen (g). This invention discloses the process of producing oxygen and carbon from carbon dioxide while also eliminating the generation of carbon monoxide. This process provides respirable oxygen and solid carbon particles useful in isolated habitats since they are produced without the use of auxiliary compounds hydrogen and methane. One possible application of the invention is with NASA for space travel. Another application is at a remote or isolated area that has limited supply of oxygen but has available power. POTENTIAL AREAS OF APPLICATIONS: -NASA: Isolated locations with limited air supply such as mining LICENSING POTENTIAL: University seeks licensee with the potential to commercialize INVENTOR(S): C. Michael Greenlief and Thomas R. Marrero CONTACT INFO: Office of Technology Management & Industry Relations Wayne C. McDaniel Ph.D. Senior Licensing & Business Development Associate – Engineering and Physical Sciences Email: [email protected] Phone: 573-884-3302


MAIN ADVANTAGES OF INVENTION: -Powered by solar voltaics -Powered from solar energy no need for electricity -Elimination of generated carbon monoxide

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