Conjugated Polymers with Selenium Substituted Diketopyrrolopyrrole Unit for Electronics Devices

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Organic photovoltaic devices provide an opportunity to utilize solar energy efficiently and at low cost. To harvest a greater spectrum of light scientists have sought to reduce the energy bandgap of the active material. UCLA researchers have developed a novel low-bandgap polymer that provides excellent photovoltaic performance in single junction devices (PCE >7%). This technology has application to organic solar cells tandem solar cells transparent solar cells field-effect transistors near infrared (NIR) organic photo-detectors and NIR organic light emitting diodes among others. Applications: 1) Solar cells 2) tandem solar cells 3) Transparent solar cells 4) Field-effect transistors 5) Near infrared (NIR) organic photo-detectors 6) NIR organic light emitting diodes


1) Reduce the energy bandgap 2) Efficient way 3) Low cost

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