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Complex solutions for industrial wastewater sludge and chemicalecological processes


Arrow develop and commercialize a unique system which completely eliminates hazardous industrial sludge transforming it into energy and raw materials by harnessing thermal solar energy. The GSP system represents a low cost comprehensive solution that serves as an economic waste disposal alternative and provides a source of “green energy” and raw materials. On the one hand the system draws all its energy from the sun (no fossil fuels are needed). On the other hand it represents a breakthrough in waste disposal as it transforms hazardous and non hazardous waste into storable energy leaving no residuals behind for further disposal. A unique mobile treatment unit for the purification of water polluted with oil or fuel and for the removal of water from oil and fuel sludge. Arrow designs builds and operates a unique robotic machine which removes sludge and sediments from closed complex industrial structures such as cooling towers holding pools lagoons tanks and water bodies. The accumulation of sludge or sediments in these facilities reduces operational efficiency and frequently contains toxic compounds. Recovering crude oil tanks through hydrothermal techniques by connecting to the existing pipes with no need for changes. This treatment will enlarge the operating volumes in a very short period. The method produces a minimal volume of waste. Most of the sediment is taken out in a form which enables the client to re-use it for refining or energy production.


Transforms hazardous and non hazardous waste into storable energy leaving no residuals behind for further disposal.; Proven record of commercial use

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