A compact device for detecting cellular stress induced by toxic chemicals


This technology describes an E. coli biocapacitor chip device and a method for determining cellular stress induced by toxic chemicals at chemical-biocapacitor interface. This interface contains living bacterial cells that interact with toxic chemicals and change their electrical properties depending upon the toxic nature of the chemical. The biocapacitor then captures this signal that enables distinguishing toxic from non-toxic chemicals to the living cells. There are a variety of known methods to detect and measure the toxicity. The most commonly used methods are laboratory based tedious biochemical methods or use of heavy equipment that are laborious and time consuming. But the technology presented herein offers a solution to detect chemicals on living cells directly to determine their biological effects within minutes. This makes the biocapacitor sensing device technology more superior since no laboratory equipment or trained personal is required


Device for an easy measuring and detecting the toxicity of unknown chemicals or drugs and impact of such chemicals on humans. It can be used to screen wide variety of chemicals toxic gases pharmaceuticals drugs defense agents environmental and food samples for the determination of the potential in a chemical to cause cytotoxicity. It gives direct biological effects of unknown chemicals. High sensitivity and selectivity cost effectiveness and portability are the other benefits that are being offered. Although there are a few toxicology services that are available in the market they heavily suffer from being connected to giant equipments and/or require sophisticated laboratories for conducting the tests. The technology that is being offered herein provides a more compact less expensive solution with the advantageous features such as: Viable bacterial cells tethered electronic capacitor device fabricated-Biocapacitor Carbon nanotubes for the enhancement of the sensitivity of signals direct exposure of toxic...

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