A compact and efficient biosensor for the detection of chemical and/or biological waste.


Affinity sensors are being used in practice for the detection and quantification of target molecules in complex mixtures by affinity-based interactions. Since the said method is inexpensive and fast besides enables label-free detection and low sample consumption there is an effort for enhancement of this technology. The technology we present herein overcomes several obstacles specific to this technology such as low sensitivity and detection ranges and high noise level that is sometimes greater than the signal induced by the sensor. This technology proposed herein is related to a biosensor implementation wherein input signals to the transceiver are target biological / chemical agents causing a change in the dielectric constant of the electrical device exposed to environment integrated into the circuit of the transceiver hence causing a change in the parameters of the radio frequency outputs of the said circuit and by this change the type and amount of biological/chemical agents can be detected.


The feature distinguishing this novel technology from others is the way of onchip signal transduction mechanism and wireless transmission of the transduced signal. This protein-controlled oscillator-based single-chip transceiver transducer could have a great impact on the way that the protein molecules are currently being detected. The advantages of this proposed transducer system are i. lower usage of sample volume ii. low production cost for the transducer iii. optimizable integrated/interdigitated capacitor for increasing the active area iv. single/integrated transceiver transducer can also reduce the signal loss and also suppress the noise otherwise could be coming/generated from discrete integration effective/efficient signal transfer enabling remote sensing application such as biological warefare agents environmental hazardous agents such as nuclear/chemical/biological wastes v. lower system cost enabling disposable use in applications such as medical process control/monitoring as such vi. lower or...

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