Comfort CT300

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The Comfort CT300 is for anyone who wants ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery and comfort heating.

The system extracts hot, humid air from e.g. the kitchen, bathroom and utility room, and at the same time removes dust particles, moisture and odours from the home. Furthermore, the energy from the extract air is used to heat the incoming air.

The system can be equipped with supplementary heating coils that can be connected to an electric or central heating system. The systems will produce a comfortable incoming air temperature even in the coldest winter weather. When you buy a Comfort system, you get a comfortable and healthy indoor climate and cost savings on your heating bill.

Comfort CT300 is a top models for installation in a utility room, either inside a cupboard or on the wall.

Technical Specifications

Comfort CT300 includes integrated CTS 602 control and operating panel, G4 cassette filters, high-performance counterflow heat exchanger, 100 % bypass damper and efficient EC fans as standard. The fan rotation is constant and can be adjusted in four steps. The unit has built-in automatic defrosting feature, humidity control and filter change indicator.

Dimensions (W×D×H): 715×583×1000 mm

Weight: 59 kg

Plate type housing: Aluzinc steel plate, white powder coating RAL9016

Heat loss casing: 37/-52 W

Heat exchanger type: Plastic counterflow heat exchanger

Fan type: EC, constant rotation

Filter class: Standard G4

Duct connections: Ø 160 mm

Condensation drain: PVC, Ø 20×1.5 mm

External leakage: <1.4 %

Internal leakage: <1.1 %

Supply voltage: 230 V (± 10 %), 50/60 HZ

Max. input/power: 180 W/1.6 A

Tightness class: IP31

Standby power: 3 W

Power consumption: 370 kWh/year

Ambient temperature: -20/+40 °C

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