CleanSip: Versatile Point-of-Consumption Water Treatment Bottle

Impacts addressed

A versatile point-of-consumption water treatment bottle has been developed that allows users to process untreated water (without a pump system) using different chemicals or filter components found in a typical household. This allows the user to easily adapt the treatment to what is available rather than having to buy specific replacement components thereby ensuring consistent use over longer periods in remote areas

The one-way valve is used to separate the treated and untreated water and to facilitate the flow of water through the filter. This design enables the user to drink treated water whilst the next batch of water is being treated.; Point-of-consumption (PoC) water treatment technologies typically aim to reduce the size of the device time to treat and the quality of water produced. The PoC water treatment market includes the higher end camping/ hiking community as well as developing countries where there is limited access to potable water. Many of these PoC treatments are based on a bottle and pump system which drives untreated water through a filter system which may be supplemented by chemical treatment. A novel versatile PoC water treatment bottle has been developed that allows a user to access potable water immediately (without pumping or squeezing the bottle). The bottle is made up of two water containers one for treated and one for untreated water separated by a filter cartridge and a one-way valve. 

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