Clean Oil International - Intelligence System to Collect Oil Spills

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Intelligence System to Collect Oil Spill is a fully automatic device to collect oil spills from surface of water. Right after oil accident one operator (or even a hydraulics arm) can drop one or multiple of these devices into the water. It can drop down from oil rigs oil ship tanker or even helicopter. The main point of this light portable technology is to save time and prevent oil from expanding it helps to decrease the environmental and civil fines. Also compare to current technologies (boom and skimmer) it does not need a rescue team and those huge facilities so it removes those costs as well. Whether it is a day time or night time GO device can work and continue the operation. After dropping down the device it automatically turns on and start to detect the oil and vacuuming the mixture of oil and water. In the next step with specific nano filters it separates the oil from water send the oil to preinstall containers send the separated water to treatment system and return it to ocean. Saved oil will be store into container and each containers will be separate from the device after get full and next container will be open and start to store the oil. Depend on the volume of oil spill operation can run by one to as many device as you want. They communicate with each other and if something goes wrong with any of them it goes out of the operation circle.


1) Saving significant amount of time to start the clean up operation 2) Decreasing environmental and civil fines by preventing the spill from expanding and treating water at the same time.; All tests and design has been done and depend on the area device can be built.

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