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CIP International Potato Center Genebank


The CIP Genebank  maintains clonal and seed collections of potato, sweetpotato, and Andean roots and tubers (ARTC’s).

CIP’s germplasm is available for requestors for research, education, and breeding purposes. This germplasm has been used in breeding programs in over 100 countries.

CIP is the custodian of the world’s largest in vitro genebank and is the first to obtain International Standards Organization (ISO) accreditation, which regulates the processes for safe and secure germplasm movement. Further, it houses one of the world’s leading herbarium collections and cryopreservation program.

The genebank is the engine that drives CIP’s efforts to conserve for current and future use the world’s genetic diversity of potato and sweetpotato—including cultivated  and wild accession as well as  breeding material. It plays a critical role in facilitating the impact-oriented release of CIP innovations and products, particularly suitable varieties for farmers and consumers. Among its 21,000 accessions it is the only secure long-term global collection of Andean root and tuber crops, which may hold unique invaluable genetic, physiological, and biochemical attributes.

Potential Improvement: preserving the biodiversity of roots and tubers

Source: CIP website


CIP International Potato Center Address. Avenida La Molina 1895, La Molina Apartado Postal 1558, Lima, Peru

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