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Chemical Storage of Hydrogen within Crystalline Metal-Organic Solids

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Need: There is great interest in chemical systems that store and release hydrogen gas. Such systems are expected to find large-scale uses as hydrogen fuel cells in a variety of applications. To date two chemical approaches have been employed to store hydrogen: 1. The absorption of hydrogen within low-density porous materials. 2. The absorption of hydrogen by reactive high-density materials such as metal hydrides. These approaches are promising for the development of viable hydrogen storage systems but each has suffered drawbacks. Technology: This technology is a metal-organic framework comprising bi-functional metallic bridging groups and organic nodes having three or more points of connection wherein the framework has one or more cavities suitable for containing one or more storage gas molecules. The metal-organic framework of this invention is permanently porous and possesses organic groups directed into the pores. Patent Status: Patent has been awarded for this technology (7481866).


The metal-organic framework circumvents problems of high pressure high density and surface incompatibilities.

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Patent has been awarded for this technology (US7481866). (