Cellulosic Gasoline


Researchers at the University of California Davis have developed a novel synthesis of \"drop-in\"" gasoline from cellulosic biomass. Unlike the alternative methods of producing green biofuel additives such as ethanol or biodiesel this method yields branched hydrocarbons in the gasoline volatility range that may be used directly as fuel. The UC Davis method represents a new generation of biofuel production that goes beyond current additives by creating a \""green\"" standalone fuel that may be used to directly fuel vehicles that run on motor gasoline."


1) Efficient synthesis of branched gasoline-range hydrocarbons from cellulosic biomass 2) Uses inexpensive biomass feedstocks 3) Operates under mild conditions short reaction times 4) High \"field-to-tank\"" yield 5) Robust heterogeneous catalysts 6) Produces a \""drop-in\"" fuel rather than an additive"

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