Cellular Arrays for the Identificaiton of Altered Gene Expression

The present invention relates to the generation and use of a cellular array or a cellular array in combination with other genome-registered arrays (an array of arrays) for the determination of gene function and/or perturbation mode of action. Each cellular array consists of a number of microbial strains. Each strain comprises one reporter gene fusion made up of a gene or gene fragment operably linked to a reporter gene. Each gene or gene fragment has been registered or mapped to a specific location in the genome of the organism. The genome-registered collection of the invention may be used to determine alterations in gene expression under a variety of conditions. Such collections are amenable to rapid assay and may be used to confirm correct or augment data generated from DNA micro array technology.


Provides the technology to determine the level of environmental stress experienced by an organism - a way to test cellular responses to various environmental and genetic changes in high throughput manner.

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