Calefones a gas - CN412SS - Longvie

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System without pilot flame, which includes softened ignition and triple safety system.

Natural Shot of 12 Lts./min. with Pilotless Technology, electronic ignition and double sensor.

The absence of the pilot flame and the quality of its materials allow to achieve the highest heating efficiency with the maximum energy savings.

Energy Efficiency class A.

Shot: Natural;

Capacity (l / min Ʌt = 20ºC): 12 l / min;

Energy efficiency class: A;

High performance burner: Yes;

Copper radiator: Yes;

Modulating rotary valve: Yes;

Automatic electronic ignition: Yes;

Overtemperature sensor: Yes;

Burned gas evacuation sensor: Yes;

Ionisation safety valve: Yes;

Minimum height of the environment (mt): 2.40;

Ventilation duct diameter (in.): 4.0;

Width (cm): 38.0;

Height (cm): 70.5;

Depth (cm): 25.5.

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