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Caldo 10V

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Caldo 10V has high quality injected PUF insulation which conserves heat longer, resulting in significant savings in energy costs. As a result, Caldo 10V water heater has 5 star rating, the highest standard of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE.
The digital temperature display allows to see the temperature of the hot water inside the tank. This ensures that water is set to the right temperature.
Clado 10V heater has an aluminium anode which protects the glass lining of the tank and the heating element giving water heater a longer life. The aluminium anode lasts twice as long as the conventional magnesium anode which is used by other water heaters in the market.
'Blue Forever' is a new generation of ultra-strong heating elements, created by Ferroli. This patented technology is designed to reduce scaling, increase heating
efficiency and prolong the life of the heating element significantly.

Capacity: 10 liters
Power: 2000 watt
Voltage: 230V/50 Hz
Intallation Type: Vertical/Wall
Rated pressure: 8 bar

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