Caldera de Condensación - Metrogas

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Metrogas offers its customers the best option to heat the home efficiently: condensing boilers. They have the latest technology to use energy rationally and achieve a temperate and comfortable environment.

In addition, this type of boilers has a compact and reduced design, which minimizes losses and optimizes the space by eliminating the boiler room.

These boilers have the particularity of taking advantage of the water vapor that is generated during combustion, and that has a high energy content, since it reaches a temperature of 150 ° to 200 ° C.

When the steam cools down to the condensation temperature, around 55 ° C, a contribution of heat is produced, since the sum of these contributions represents 11% of the total energy of the fuel.

Although the fumes come out at a temperature lower than 55 ° C, the hot water can be even at a higher temperature, because this heat serves to preheat the water before coming into contact with the combustion chamber.

Another advantage of condensing boilers is that, in addition, they significantly reduce the impact of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere, by reusing steam and preventing it from being expelled.

Condensing boilers achieve yields close to 110%. This does not mean that more energy is generated than the fuel, but the performance of normal boilers is calculated without taking into account this energy.

Thus, this type of boiler allows generating up to 35% savings in gas consumption.

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