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Building Lighting and HVAC Management and Control


The LightBEEM system is based on the company’s ASIC (the IDC2000) which is a complete SystemOn-Chip designed for power management applications including lighting and lighting control. BEEMTech´s Energy Efficiency Control and Monitoring Systems are built around the IDC2000 which is readily applicable in other market segments. LightBEEM´s main advantage is its unique patented PLC technology and system topology which makes it ideal for installation in existing buildings. The system’s web-based lighting control management system (LEMS) is a critical element of the LightBEEM system. It enables easy and fast site setup planning and configuration by BEEMTech’s Field Application Engineers a simple and error-free commissioning tool for BEEMTech partners/distributors and a powerful lighting management system for end customers.


To reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings by up to 50% with dramatic OPEX cuts carbon footprint reduction and high levels of occupant safety and comfort. Complying with energy and building codes and regulations such as LEED ASHREA etc.; Proven record of commercial use

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