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Build for the future - Villazero


Villazero is a development project run by Fiskarhedenvillan, Mondo Arkitekter and Structor Byggteknik Dalarna together with support from Region Dalarna. The purpose of the project is to build a carbon-neutral detached house in Borlänge. A unique opportunity for us involved to learn how to build together for a more sustainable future. Background

There is no escaping the fact that we face extensive challenges around sustainability. The whole world has gathered around Agenda 2030 and it is time that we all examine ourselves both as citizens and companies, and seriously change ourselves towards more sustainable ways of working. This applies both by reducing emissions but also for the issues as well as ensuring a sustainable business climate and achieving equality for all. Having knowledge and products that are sustainable is not only a necessity for the planet we live on but is also a prerequisite for being competitive in the future.


In this project, we want to concentrate on the goals in Agenda 2030 where we feel that we have a special responsibility and can make a difference, the focus has been on two areas: reducing carbon dioxide emissions and creating a more equal construction industry.

As we feel that the time for studies and theories is over, we want to develop conditions and show its feasibility in a practical project and therefore plan to build a detached house (family home / villa) and are based on the market today’s most carbon-efficient choices, both for materials and methods and that with a project organization and a building team as equal as possible.


The goal is even for the house to become carbon neutral, ie during its lifetime not to emit any carbon dioxide at all into the atmosphere. We want to prove it by certifying the house according to the Swedish Green Building Council's (SGBC) method zero Co2, but as it is not yet adapted to single-family homes, the project also aims to have this building and house together with SGBC as their first pilot project in single-family homes. and thus contribute to the development of such a method.

Our lessons will then form the basis for new working methods and material choices / products in our various daily jobs and spread the names of our respective companies as industry leaders and pioneers in various areas of sustainability. We see this as giving us strong brands and the conditions to take a powerful step into the future as interesting and competitive employers in the region.


The result of the project aims to reduce our respective companies' climate footprint, but not least the climate impact from all the projects and constructions in which we will be involved in the future, through zero / greatly reduced carbon dioxide impact, reduced energy consumption but also to a more equal construction industry.

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