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Braås small-scale heat plant in Växjö

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Braås heat plant, operated by Väsjö Energi AB, produces about 17 GWh per year and supports 113 customers.

Small-scale heat plants favour local actors The biofuel-based production replaces approximately 2,000 cubic meters of oil each year, which reduces the environmental impact and contributes to creating a sustainable energy system in Växjö. The plant has a 3.5 MW furnace for dry wood fuel, which provides the main heat production. During the summer months, and occasionally at top loads in the winter, a pellet boiler of 1.5 MW is used. In addition, two oil boilers are used exclusively for top loads and reserve purposes. In average, the fuel consists of 97 percent biofuel. Braås heat plant cleans its flue gases, employing a multi-cyclone system. The benefits from having local small-scale heat plants are the same as for large district heating plants. They contribute to a better environment in the transition to renewable energy sources. Though the facilities are small-scale, benefits are received by the establishment of local systems that favour local actors. Furthermore, they can be adapted for locally available fuels.

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Sustainable Småland
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Sustainable Småland

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