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BNC smart transportation systems

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BNC Systems is Making Cars SmarterTM by Bridging Connected Cars Infotainment Gaps. Our platforms utilize original OEM Infotainment Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – displays touch signals buttons dials – along with reading auto-communications to enhance Infotainment systems and resolve usability gaps. Thousands of luxury Infotainment systems have been equipped with BNC's Gateway platforms to customers' satisfaction. Examples of past projects Integration of Navigation Video peripherals and sensors (reverse and front cameras Digital TV tuners etc.) to original OEM Infotainment – over 20 vehicle brands. Integrating embedded OS and mobile OS (WinCE Android) Smartphone Integration into original OEM Infotainment systems Technology collaboration with foreign R and D centres in Israel for connected apps development. Providing R and D systems to OEM research Infotainment facilities. Upholding transportation Developers conventions and Hackathons


1 – Long term cost savings for OEMs by reducing hardware costs. 2 – Shorter time-to-market as consumer electronics. 3 – Connecting cars to smartphone with hardware security and safety 4 – Increasing infotainment sales by personalization and flexibility 5 – a unified platform for future apps; Proven record of commercial use

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BNC Systems