Black Smoke Removal Device of Cassette Type (Diesel Particulate Filter) "MoCobee CT"


An Efficient Removal Device of Particulate Matter and Black Smoke by Semiparmanently Use

Cassette type DPF "MoCobee CT" is the retrofit device for black smoke

removal attached on diesel engine, which can easily remove 99.9% of black smoke regardless of use condition and engine type.

This diesel particulate filter (DPF), developed by COMOTEC Corporation, consists of DPF body and the filter regeneration device with electric heater.

The filter made of ceramic of silicon carbide has simple construction and is free from clogging. Then, "MoCobee CT" is able to be semipermanently recycled by detaching from scrapped vehicles, versatile to use on various conditions (high-sulfur light oil, extreme mount of black smoke exhaust, traffic jam, etc.) and can be installed on various machineries (vehicle, construction machine, forklift, generator, railway vehicle, etc.).



Fig. 1 MoCobee CT



Fig. 2 Exhaust gas of diesel engine(before and after DPF installation) with the gauze test



Fig. 3 Condition of DPF before/after installation


Major Features and Advantages

MoCobee has characteristic properties and advantages in the following as a diesel particulate filter(DPF)

・Filters made of silicon carbide(SiC) which adds outstanding heat resistance

・Excellent fucntion of PM and black smoke removal

・Semiparmanently usage of filters by appropriate utilization of regeneration device

・Easy installation, replacement and adjustment, corresponding engine specification


Technology Data

Possible Applications

In developing countries, the air pollution due to exhaust gas from diesel engine is a serious problem. The main cause of air pollution is combustion of high sulfur light oil.

This can be because that the price of low-sulfur light oil which exhaust lower particulate matter(PM: fine particle of carbon, hydrocarbon, sulfate, etc.) is more expensive than that of high-sulfur light oil.

In addition, unregulated vehicles which exhaust much black smoke(fine particle of canbon, soot, etc.) have been used due to the high maintenance cost of diesel vehicles to pass the emission regulation. “MoCobee CT” is able to solve these problems.

“MoCobee CT” is able to remove 99.9% of black smoke without clogging in any aged diesel vehicles which use high-sulfur light oil and exhaust black smoke.



Fig. 4 Application of MoCobee (a bus in Mongolia)



Fig. 5 Application of MoCobee (a forkift)


Competitie Advantage

“MoCobee CT” is more advantageous than competitive products from the viewpoint of total cost because of the following reasons.

1. Higher initial cost, but cheaper in total

The initial cost of MoCobee is a little bit more expensive than competitive DPF using cordierite or metal filter because “MoCobee CT” is made of silicon carbide(SiC), which has high temperature resistance (see Fig. 1). Filters made of cordierite and metal should be interchanged because these materials gradually wear out to be disposed in the end.

By contrast, the filter of SiC can be used semipermanently. The running cost is cheaper because it is free from the problem caused by clogging which can be happened in device of catalyst type.



Table 1 Comparison of SiC and Cordierite


2. Recyclable

Since the DPF body is able to recycle semipermanently it is economical to utilize detached DPF from scrapped vehicle for new vehicle.



  1. Filtering performance

1) PM reduction >90%

PM mainly consists of fine carbon as well as hydrocarbon and sulfate. It has been proved that MoCobee can actually remove more than 90% PM from diesel exhaust gas by an experiment and field tests.



Table 2 The evaluation of PM removal by a chasis dynamo test

※Measured by Japan Automobile Technology Association in 2001. A chasis dynamo meter was used to conduct the experiment in the condition of thierteen modes of diesel automobiles. At the time light oil which had higher sulfur content was used.


2) Removal of nanoparticles

MoCobee has excellent performance to remove even nanoparticles which is smaller than PM 2.5. MoCobee can achieve clean environment by removing nanoparticles completely from closed spaces in construction sites and tunnels.



 Fig. 6 Comparison of particle size


3) Black smoke removal 99.9%

Black smoke normally consist of fine carbon particles. Only quite few black smoke go through the filter.

  1. Wearability

Advantages of cassette type DPF

(1) When an engines is replaced, it is possible to change the number of filters according to the engine output.

(2) Simple construction of the filters makes it possible to install them freely and easily.


Technical Maturity / Past Record of Introduction

  1. Year of beginning sales : November, 1999
  2. Units of sale

  (1) DPF for passenger vehicle: >3,500 units

  (2) DPF for forklift: > 3,000 units(including OEM)

  (3) DPF for construction machine: appox. 50 units

  (4) DPF for railway vehicle: approx. 30 units

  1. Units of export

  (1) DPF for bus: 30 units (Mongolia 25, China 5)

  (2) DPF for forklift: 30 units (China, Taiwan, Thailand)


*Comotec Corporation’s Summary Report of the project; “Verification Survey with the Private Sector for Disseminating Japanese Technologies for Emission Reduction of Particulate Matter (PM) from Diesel Buses by DPF Suitable for Ulaanbaatar Condition” financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) issued on August, 2019


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Mr. Masanori Komori

Email: [email protected]

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COMOTEC Corporation