A Biorefinery Utilizing Lignin

Background: As the U.S. transitions to a new energy landscape any renewable platform must provide both liquid fuels and commodity chemicals on a large scale. Biorefinery concepts have been developed and there are currently some biorefinery concepts in the market; however current commercial biorefineries and biorefinery concepts focus mainly on the cellulose/hemicellulose (sugar) fraction of biomass for the production of fuels and chemicals and neglect the lignin fraction. Technology Description: Researchers at Purdue University have developed a biorefinery concept that is based on current advances in lignin processing. Based on the idea of retention of the structure multiple processes will be used in the concept to convert biomass feedstocks. This concept allows greater utilization of the various natural structures present in the lignocellulosic biomass feedstock. Applications: Biofuels


1) Allows usage of all components of a lignocellulosic biomass feedstock. 2) Encompasses multiple synergistic processes designed to minimize destruction of the biomass.

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