Biological Remediation of Green House Gas Emissions


Stage of DevelopmentThe technology is at an advanced phase of development. It needs further testing before the commercial implementation as viable mechanism to control CO2 emission. It has been developed as a low scale model and requires further research and optimization before it can be converted into a cost effective industrial process.Future DevelopmentFuture efforts will be concentrated on testing an optimal harvesting method for the algae including determining the duration and intensity of the lighting cycles used for their growth. Also researchers aim to re-use the mature algae for commercially productive ventures such as the manufacture of value-added products and energy. The algae can be used as a fuel source fertilizer and fermentation agent among other useful products.


-Provides a low cost method to reduce CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants by more than 20% facilitating the use of coal as a cleaner energy source. -Eliminates the requirement to separate and transport CO2 over long distances. -Facilitates a process that increases the growth rate of the algal community as well its stability. -Provides a mechanism to optimally utilize the area of the fabric plates for the growth of the algae. -Facilitates the maximization of CO2 consumption due to the ample population of algae.

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