Biological Production of Industrial Small Esters


Technology Description:Researchers at the University of California Davis have produced small esters (C4-C8) through the manipulation of microorganisms. A genetically modified microorganism was used to produce C4-C8 esters. These esters are used in nitrocellulose lacquers coatings for plastic substrates high solids coatings artificial flavouring and fragrance. Compared to the current ester production methods which heavily depend on petroleum this invention allows for environmentally friendly and sustainable production from a renewable source. Additionally these esters have limited solubility in water generating a bilayer that allows for continuous microbial production and easy purification.Applications:1) Lacquers solvents2) Ingredient in painted coatings3) Food flavorings (orange pineapple pear banana)4) Cosmetics5) Fragrances

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