Biological Conversion of Methane from Waste Sources to Biofuels and Commodity Chemicals


Applications: 1) Treatment of wastewater 2) Processing of digester gas landfill gas gas from peatbogs and marshes 3) Production of biofuels such as methanol ethanol and biodiesel 4) Precursor chemicals for chemical fuel cells 5) Production of commodity chemicals and chemical intermediates Patent Status: Patent Pending (WO/2012/078845)


1) Utilizes waste streams for chemical production 2) Can convert heterogeneous methane feedstocks unlike existing commercial process 3) Widely applicable to digester gas landfill gas peatbogs marshes and wastewater treatment facilities 4) Cleanup and dehumidification processes not required 5) Can make a wide variety of chemicals including methanol dimethylether alcohols and acids 6) Waste processing facilities become biorefineries

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Patent Pending (WO2012078845)