Biogas plant Tuvan, Skellefteå

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The municipalty of Skellefteå collect waste from homes and workplaces and produces there own biogasfuell for use in the municipality cars and in the public buses. The Biogas plant turns organic waste into biogas. Food bio waste from homes and workplaces is selected and placed in the brown waste container so that it can be taken to the biogas plant. The fuel that comes from this plant is used in the municipality cars and in the public buses, but it can also be bought by anyone whose car can take such fuel. In the other side, the process generates fertilizer as a by-product that is further processed in the shape of pellets and used in gardening and agriculture. In this way we can reduce CO2 emissions, return to the soil a part of its components and reduce the waste management costs considerably as we are giving value to a fraction of waste that was before just incinerated.

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Skellefteå Kommun, Cleaner Growth
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Tuvan 70 931 91 SKELLEFTEÅ

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