Biodegradable De-Icer/Anti-Icer Formulations

Background: Deicing compositions are widely used during inclement weather for deicing and preventing snow and ice formation on roads sidewalks airport runways and many other surfaces. Chlorides such as sodium calcium and magnesium chloride are effective and inexpensive deicing compounds. However they have been associated with corrosion and/or deterioration of concrete and metals used in infrastructures and can be hazardous to human health if inhaled or digested. Technology: This technology is a deicing composition comprising alkaline degradation products of reducing sugars. It is formed by alkalinically degrading reducing sugars (preferably found in an industrial waste stream i.e. corn steep water). This process increases the concentration of low molecular weight molecules in the solution which in turn may be used to produce a composition that depresses the freezing point of water. Patent: UIRF has been awarded a patent for this technology (6605232).


1) Inexpensive: makes use of readily available starting materials 2) Biodegradable 3) Nontoxic to environment

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