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Bifacial photovoltaic (PV) solar cells


bSolar is a developer and producer of the first bifacial photovoltaic (PV) solar cells that produce up to 30 percent more electricity per cell at the same production cost as conventional cells doubling by that the PV Project IRR and halving the payback time. Founded in Israel in 2007 in Israel with an office in Germany bSolar brings together over 35 years of Experience in developing high-efficiency silicon-based PV cells. The company is headed by an execution-oriented management team with a proven track record in building over 500 MWp silicon-based cell production lines. bSolar has differentiated and disruptive bifacial cell technology is based on P-type monocrystalline Boron BSF open back sided bifacial silicon cells which collect solar energy from its both front and back sides. The cells have an improved front side efficiency due to an improved BSF the elimination of aluminum back layer and the superior boron solubility in silicon. The cell has an overall improved efficiency due to its bifaciality the IR transparency and lower working temperature and its thinner silicon wafer avoids cell bowing and provides very low in-process breakage rate. These mono-crystalline cells collect by their active backside also the substantial amount of light reflected from both the earth and the atmosphere and offer up to 30 percent additional energy output. With this back collection capability bSolar has mono-crystalline bifacial cell provides an (unprecedented and industry leading equivalent efficiency (front efficiency plus back collection of more than 21 percent with an even higher equivalent efficiency of 24 percent expected from the company’s 2nd generation cell at a low production cost.


bSolar’s cell is the best solution for rooftops and ground installations as well as for trackers PV sound barriers facades and some forms of BIPV. It is proven patent pending successfully operating in European commercial sites and ready for production expansion.; Proven record of commercial use

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