BESCON great energy saving at low cost


BESCON improves the performance of your air-conditioner and promises longer life. Boost up ability of your air-conditioner and save power consumption: easy installation reduction of electricity bill and CO2 best solution to an irregular stop caused by high pressure. With our accumulated knowledge the stable energy conservation has been realized.


The existing air-cooled conditioner capability is improved and energy saving and a longer operating life are realized. 1. Two-stage condensing system made by adding BESCON as a second condenser promotes condensation of refrigerant gas. 5 to 10 percent reduction of power consumption is confirmed. 2.By replacing Refrigerant R-22 to HFC134a additional substantial reduction of power consumption is achieved. 15 to 25 percent reduction 3.Prevents high-pressure cutout due to a high outdoor temperature. 4.The energy-saving effect is demonstrated in air-conditioning of summer and heating of winter.

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