Battery Swapping for e-2Wheeler / 3Wheeler

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Interoperable Smart Mobility solution offers a single energy infrastructure platform for the small electric vehicles such as electric bikes, scooters, e-Rickshaw and e-Auto. The solution comprises of Smart Battery and Quick Interchange Station all linked together through a smart network. Various applications that can be powered by this solution include intracity public transport-bike taxis, last-mile connectivity and contract carriage through e-Auto/e-rickshaw; last mile goods delivery and point-to-point transport services.  

The solution for 2- wheeler and 3-wheelers comprises of three key elements: 

Modular Smart Batteries: These are intelligent enough to customize themselves to each vehicle type and versatile enough to be used in combinations of one or multiple batteries to meet customers’ different performance and range expectations.

Quick Interchange Stations: The quick interchange station will allow consumers to swap their used battery to the one of the slots of the charging station and pay for the actual usage, and swap with a fresh charged battery, all in all under just two minutes.

Smart Network: It connects modular Smart Batteries and Quick Interchange Stations. The smart network monitors battery and station status and provides real-time feedback to customers and fleet owners through a mobile app. It also optimizes battery performance and automatically locates the closest quick interchange station. It uses a digital payment system and customers have to pay only for the energy used.

Below are some features of the smart network mobile application:

• Convenient User Application 

• Digitally enabled ‘pay-as-you-go’

• Secure, Internet-of-Things enabled and connected

• Intelligent and optimized solutions for fleet operators 

Sun Mobility plans to collaborate with multiple OEMs in India. The company has already entered in to a strategic partnership with Ashok Leyland. Meanwhile, quick interchange stations are expected to be set up across various cities in a phased manner.


• Low upfront cost as Electric vehicles can be purchased without the batteries.

• Quick setup due to fast battery swapping.

• Tamper-proof temperature controlled stations.

• Energy infrastructure is offered as a service on a pay-per-use model.

• Easily upgradable intelligent software.

• Light weight and efficient batteries.

• 24*7 connected Quick Interchange stations and Smart Batteries. 

• Real-time optimization through Smart Network.

Smart battery specifications are as follows

• Dimension: 201(L) X 147 (b) X 362(h) mm

• Energy: 1.5 kWh

• Weight: 12 kg 

Specifications of quick interchange station

• Dimension :1180(w) X 1670(H) X 1108(D) mm

• Capacity to hold 14 batteries at a time.

• Electrical Requirements: 3-phase 415V, 24kW

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