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Bålsta extracts waste heat

Bålsta extracts waste heat

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The district heating plant in Bålsta supplies Håbo municipality with environmentally-friendly heat and hot water. The plant consists of three boilers: a wood chip boiler, a pellet boiler and an oil-fired boiler, which together represent 80% of the plants total energy production. The remaining 20% are taken from a adjucent gypsum factory, whose waste heat is led to the boiler through pipes.

Excess heat from a nearby gypsumindustry Bålsta district heat plant receives excess heat from a adjacent gypsum industry, which is led trough pipes to the boiler center. The incoming water has a temperature of 40°C and is further heated up to 60°C, before it is discharged in the district heating system. Waste heat from the gypsum plant is estimated to represent around 20% of the total heat production. Burning of biofuel Most of Bålsta's heat production comes from the solid fuel boiler, which has an input power of around 4.7 MWh. The fuel consists of wood chips, bark and sawdust from the sawmilling industry. Quality requirement is that the moisture content should be a maximum of 50% and that all wood is untreated. The solid fuel is stored in a solid fuel pocket which has a total volume of about 300 m3. From the chip pocket, the fuel is introduced into the boiler. Bottom ash and fly ash that remain from the combustion of the solid fuel boiler is collected in containers. The emptying of the containers is carried out by a contractor and is later on used as cover material for landfill. The second boiler is also fired by biofuel, namely wood pellets. Pellets are manufactured from various by-products from forestry and wood processing industry, such as sawdust. The boiler has a input power of 2.4 MWh. The last boiler, the oil-fired boiler, is now only used as a back-up boiler. Its input power is 2.4 Mwh.

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E.ON Värme Sverige AB
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Stockholm Cleantech, Tegelbruksvägen, 74630 Bålsta, 070-375 77 05

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