Automatic Meter Infrastructure for Energy Data management


General description: In general the Larotec solution is an array of devices communicating through flexible low-cost local networks cellular infrastructure and Internet mainly in the wide area ranges all managed by an internet server gateway (ISG) system. Larotec clear uniqueness is - dedicated end to end fully web based M2M system using standard existing infrastructure. Function of the product(s): The Larotec Web2M solution is based on two main components ICU (Interface and Communication Unit) - A wired/wireless data acquisition and control unit with integrated cellular and embedded software capabilities enabling remote devices/sensors to securely communicate with a central management software (ISG). ISG (Internet Server Gateway) - A web-based software-platform that remotely manages and monitors the ICUs by securely collecting storing analyzing and presenting data. The ISG provides real time notifications updates and alarms using SMS and emails.


The technology is an off the shelf end- to-end web based solution for management of multiple widely distributed devices through a central management system. This platform is widely acknowledged as one of the most advanced flexible scalable robust user-friendly and cost effective on the market.; Proven record of commercial use

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