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Ather Scooters

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Intelligent vehicles will revolutionize our commute experience in the future and the Ather vehicle stands at the cusp of this exciting reality. Ather 450 and Ather 340 are one of the first fully indigenous and high quality electric scooters. The vehicle is powered by a brushless DC motor (BLDC) and uses a battery pack and battery management system (BMS) designed by the company. BMS and a range prediction algorithm helps predict the range accurately.

Ather’s design makes it good for the bad roads that are common in developing countries. It has low center of gravity, floor mounted battery pack and low mounted motor for easy handling while leaning and turning.  Symmetrical weight distribution ensures better balance. Progressive mono-shock suspension is for softer response over bumps, greater comfort on rough roads. Front and rear disc brakes with combined braking system (CBS) provides precise and consistent braking. 

Ather uses technology that allows user to understand the vehicle, the way we ride, and the ride conditions, in ways that were not possible before. The vehicle is equipped with smart data services like push navigation, over-the-air updates, parking assist function, charging station, location tracking and diagnostic alerts, among others. A 7” capacitive touchscreen is the gateway to an intelligent ride experience. An intuitive information display ensures that it only shows the relevant information, while you are on the road. The onboard navigation provides information on the go of directions, faster routes, nearby charging points, whether it is a better route or traffic updates. 

India lacks public charging infrastructure therefore Ather is creating a network of charging stations to make allow fast, safe and reliable charging. The supporting Ather App helps to manage remotely the charge status, push navigation of the vehicle. Also, it allows to view the ride patterns, get tips for improving vehicle performance, request for vehicle diagnostics. This vehicle is an ever-improving machine. It simply updates the vehicle firmware through over-the-air updates and help enjoying new features while learning from the ride patterns. 
Two wheelers in India currently use petrol as a fuel and wide diffusion of technologies such as Ather can help in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and therefore reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution.

Ather 450
• Instant Torque 20.5 Nm 
• Peak power output 5.4kW
• Top speed of 80 kmph
• Driving range of 75 km
• Acceleration  from 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.9 seconds. 

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