Arlanda Airport reduces its emissions

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Arlanda Airport has managed to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide with 50 %. A strong contributing factor to the reduced emissions has been the investment in geo energy, which is taken from an underground aquifer.

Arlanda has trough a number of measures been able to halve its emissions of carbon dioxide. The work has been in progress since 2005 and it is planned to make Arlanda Airport climate neutral in 2012. To make this happen, energy is taken from a huge underground aquifer. A significant part of this energy is heat, which will be used to melt ice and snow on tarmac areas and to keep the buildings warm during the winter. Another significant part is energy used to cool the buildings during the summer. The system is 6 times more efficient than similar geothermal installations, since it doesn’t need heat pumps and cooling machines. Arlanda uses as much energy as a city with 25 000 inhabitants Annual energy savings are calculated to be 4 GWh of electric energy and 15 GWh of heating energy. This corresponds to the annual demand of energy for 1 500 – 2 000 one-family houses. The cost for this project is ca. 5 milion Euros, which means that the investment is believed to have a pay back time of less than 5 years.

Organisation providing the technology
Malmberg Water AB, Powerpipe Systems AB
Countries where implemented

Stockholm Cleantech, LFV Arlanda, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, 08-797 87 40

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