Arivi Eva Stove (Arivi (Pty) Ltd.)


The Arivi Stove is a wick-type domestic paraffin stove for low-income households. It is designed to be safe clean and affordable to buy and to use. The Arivi Stove has a substantial maximum power output of 1.6kW with a burner efficiency of 85% and an impressive overall cooking efficiency of 60%. The 25 litre fuel tank provides an exceptionally long cooking time while carefully designed airflow over the tank keeps the fuel temperature safely at 37 degrees Celsius and most of the outside housing remains safe to touch. The Arivi Stove will not ignite or explode when knocked over. The flame self-extinguishes immediately when the stove is tilted.


The core combustion assembly was redesigned to reduce carbon emissions and for better flame regulation under normal operation and in cases where the stove is knocked over on its side. The stove features various safety mechanisms - self-extinguishing burner in the event of the stove being tilted or knocked over.The materials used to construct the various parts of the stove will ensure that the stove does not explode in the event of the occupant's home being on fire the stove features plastic parts that have been developed to ensure that paraffin is not allowed the chance to build up pressure in the fuel tank should the stove's immediate surroundings be on fire.; The stove has passed the necessary SABS tests and has been issued a homologation number allowing us to sell the stove to the public legally.

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