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Application of synthetic enzymes in commercial applications

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ProteRec uses its proprietary technology to develop novel synthetic enzymes and processes These enzymes have commercial applications in many industries. General description: ProteRec has developed a platform technology for the creation of novel synthetic biocatalytic enzymes and processes that deliver superior performance in targeted applications. By combining enzymes at the protein level ProteRec is able to create enzymes in a single step that cannot be created with existing technologies. These enzymes and enzyme libraries are tailor made for specific tasks. They outperform the processes they replace and at a lower cost compared to competing technologies.


ProteRec’s current product is an enzyme and process to enable low cost fast efficient and more environmentally friendly production of biodiesel. Advantages include: Lower cost production easily adapted to existing biodiesel production facilities and it is a more environmentally friendly process that uses less resources and energy. ProteRec completed the construction of a biodiesel processor with .5 tons per day production capacity to test the biodiesel enzyme at industrial scale quantities.; Proven record of commercial use

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