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Apparatus and process for treating contaminated soil gases and liquids

Apparatus for extracting contaminants from a stream comprising a contaminant-containing mixture of liquids and gases which comprises: (a) a contaminant-containing mixture input; (b) a vapor-liquid separator receiving the contaminant-containing mixture from the input and producing a liquid component stream at a first outlet and a gaseous component at a second outlet; (c) an optional first contaminant removal system receiving the liquid component stream from the vapor-liquid separator and producing a contaminant-free liquid stream; (d) a vacuum inducing device in fluid communication with the contaminant-containing mixture input and the vapor-liquid separator and receiving said gaseous component from the vapor-liquid separator; (e) a cooling element receiving the gaseous component at a first temperature from the vacuum inducing device and producing the gaseous component at a second temperature from a first outlet and a condensed liquid component from a second outlet said second temperature being lower than said first temperature; (f) a heating element receiving the gaseous component from the cooling element at said second temperature and producing a reduced-relative-humidity gas component at a third temperature said third temperature being higher than said second temperature said heating element having a heating jacket surrounding a conduit through which the gaseous component passes through the heating element said heating jacket receiving a heating fluid from a first heat fluid conduit into a heating jacket input and outputting said heating fluid from a heating jacket outlet into a second heating fluid conduit; and (g) an optional second contaminant removal system receiving the reduced-relative-humidity gas component from the heating element and producing a contaminant-free gas; wherein the apparatus necessarily includes either the first contaminant removal system or the second contaminant removal system.

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