Apparatus and Method for Mass Production of Insecticidal Nematodes

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Heightened awareness of the dangers of chemical insecticides combined with passage of the Federal Food Quality Protection Act restricting usage of these insecticides has further increased the need for alternative insect control measures. Use of biological insecticides in particular nematodes are consequently becoming an increasingly viable alternative to control insect pest populations. Rutgers researchers have created an apparatus and methods for in vivo mass production of insecticidal nematodes. In the method nematodes are cultured within a natural insect host. The apparatus comprises at least one harvesting area a water dispensing system that promotes harvest of nematodes from the host organisms and a water collection and concentration system for nematode collection and storage. The harvesting area comprises reusable stackable perforated trays which allow passage of dispensed water while retaining the nematode hosts. The perforations are sized to retain the host organisms and facilitate the passage of harvested nematodes carried within the dispensed water.


Alternative to chemical insecticides.

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