Analyzers and control systems for Water resources management

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Galcon has turned the development of controllers into a science. They conduct research in the field and the lab intensively investigating technical capabilities. Professional Gardening: They offer an extensive array of specialized AC battery operated and wireless controllers designed for professionals tending private and public gardens. Municipal central irrigation control: CityGal state of the art central control system allows central management of the irrigation all over the city. The system allows automatic changes in irrigation quantities according to ET and brings to significant water saving. Agriculture: Their new state-of-the-art series is designed for agricultural use: open fields greenhouses and climate control. It has the 1) Gardening line: Irrigation controllers from single station controller up to central control systems with unlimited stations; 2) Agriculture line: Irrigation controllers climate control systems and precise fertigation machines.


1) The system adjusts the water quantities using ET based irrigation and send alerts to the system operators via Email or SMS. 2) Gardening line: Irrigation control and water saving 3) Agriculture line: Irrigation and climate control that allows modern agriculture; Proven record of commercial use

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