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Analyzers and control systems for water management


Stream Control Ltd. has developed Aqua-Guard a product designated to reduce water loss in .municipal water systems by pressure management. Aqua-Guard is an electronic controller that integrates elements of hardware software and hydraulics capable of decreasing water loss in municipal water supply systems by up to 50%. The Aqua-Guard idea was generated at Stream Control Ltd. by a team of engineers with extensive technical experience in developing similar projects and well acquainted with the world market for water control product.


1. The Aqua-Guard controller provides a comprehensive solution for the leakage problem by Pressure management and actively controlling the Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s) found in all municipal water supply systems at the point where the piping network of a neighborhood is connected to the city’s main water system. 2. The Aqua-Guard controller dynamically changes the pressure applied to the network according to the actual demand for water resulting in significant leakage reduction. 3. Throughout the daily demand cycle the Aqua-Guard controller considerably decreases the leakage that tends to increase greatly especially during the night when pressure grows due to diminished demand.; Proven record of commercial use

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